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Meet our team leaders. These are the minds behind Boundary VFX.

David Hackenburg
has been working as a compositor and roto artist since 2008. Based in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire he has collaborated on projects large and small with artists from around the world. He has studied under some of the most innovative leaders in VFX like John Knoll of ILM and Steven Wright, author and respected compositing guru. As part of the Pixel Corps he has served as Compositing Team Leader for the past 2 years. When not in front of the computer, David can be found depending on the season, skiiing, gardening, running or cooking with his family of 5.
James Pina
is a supervisor, compositor, digital paint and roto specialist based in Portland, Oregon. He has an extensive list of feature film and commercial experience, including supervisory roles on Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2, War of the Dead and After.Life. Training includes a BA in Teledramatic Arts and Technology from Cal State Monterey Bay, Pixelcorps and FXPHD. When not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children, movies, reading, food, playing guitar, running and drinking the premium local brews.


Magno Borgo
is a digital artist with expertise is in the areas of compositing and digital visual effects. He has a degree in Graphic Design and has experience on almost all visual effects/digital production pipeline areas (editing, motion graphics, 3D CG modeling/texturing/rendering, compositing, matchmoving, hdri). He worked at several post-production houses in Brazil, and in the last few years he specialized in compositing, matchmoving and rotoscope, remotely freelancing for companies around the world. He also creates compositing training and is a certified Nuke trainer. When he’s not working, he’s also found swimming or enjoying some good food and cinema with his family.


Nick Lambert
has over 25 years experience in television & film, both production & post production. He’s a supervisor & compositor based in the North of England, spending most of his free time attending user groups & conferences to learn & share knowledge. A keen union supporter Nick helped to form the UKs first VFX representation with BECTU. He is a post-grad & professor at FXPHD, ACM member and did his first talk at Siggraph in 2013.


Rob Geddes

is a supervisor, compositor, prep and roto artist working out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has worked in house at Rhythm & Hues Studios on Snow White and the Huntsman, RIPD, and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Most recently Rob provided compositing work for Zoic Studios on several television pilots, as well as first season episodes of Arrow.

Wojtek Baginski
is a vfx compositor, cleanup artist, unclutterer and problem solver based in eastern Poland. He has been working in the vfx industry since 2003 and has collaborated with top global studios and brands. As a programmer he works on AI solutions with the hope of making greenscreen a thing of the past. When not working he can be found rollerskating with his wife and 3 kids, and learning languages, both human and computer.