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Boundary Visual Effects is run by a distributed team of professional digital artists based in the US, UK, Brazil and Canada.

We all share a passion for visual effects, improving our craft, and delivering quality work. Our artists have worked on commercial and television projects for Discovery Channel, Showtime, PBS, BBC and Channel 4 (UK). Film credits of our lead artists includes: Bachelorette, Iron Man 2, The Smurfs, Hereafter, Priest, The Green Hornet, The Love Guru, ‘77, Synecdoche New York, All about Evil, War of the Dead, Feast 3, Kick Ass 2, Mr Nobody, Captain America, RIPD, Snow White and the Huntsman & Percy Jackson 2.

Boundary VFX officially formed in the Summer of 2009, as 5 artists who had worked together remotely as early as 2000. Nothing new about that, apart from we had never met. We all worked from home, homes in different countries so just online text chat, forums & email.  A true virtual business owned & run privately by artists, no debt, no shareholders.

What brought us together was The PixelCorps. A great idea by Alex Lindsay to form a online production community. In 2006 not many people understood how this could work. We were all part of the compositing team & mentored new members as well as supporting a range of applications in the forums. We started some now very long term relationships with software vendors, helping to shape the future of the tools we all use. Having worked successfully together on a short, a feature and a few commercials we knew the structure was there for online remote working.

As a Shake user base we decided to switch to Nuke early on, FXPHD was the best place to learn this, at the time, new software. Finding a like minded community within FXPHD & developing a good relation with The Foundry we attended user groups & conferences which cemented us in the real world. With the friends we made in these communities our business grew very quickly.