Why Boundary?

  • Grow your team,
    not your infrastructure

  • Expand your capacity,
    not your risk

  • Increase your bandwidth, not your overhead

  • Increase your shotcount, not your paperwork

Roto. Paint. Track. Composite. You know the realities of postproduction. Shot counts are growing and greater demands are placed on your artists and coordinators. Edits are taking longer than ever to lock. If you can’t predict when plates are showing up, when do you hire the talent you need?

Hiring new artists means new furniture, new software, training time, and overhead.

But what if there was a better way?

Boundary provides the solution. Our team integrates with your pipeline, & delivers the shots you need, when you need them.

You require a low friction process from bidding to final approval. Boundary’s project managers & artists are distributed around the globe, providing you & your team with a seamless, and local experience, regardless of location.

The Boundary Experience


Boundary VFX is a reliable company for a wide range of VFX work. I’m never shy recommending them to productions because of the great value and expertise they provide.
Mark Christiansen – VFX Supervisor

We have used Boundary VFX many times, a lot of times in a crunch with very short turn around times. They have always come through, even with almost impossible deadlines. They are our first stop & will continue to be our go to facility.
Keith Hritz – Vice President Marketing, Fox Sports

Boundary VFX is one of our most valued creative partners. They always make us look good and I can rest assured that the quality and craftsmanship will exceed my expectations, on-time and on-budget.
Sam Barber – Rebel Unit

The Boundary team are able to help us meet our deadlines on time. Always available to talk too throughout the job, fast turnaround and most importantly, top quality work.
Richard Levene – Managing Director, Recom Farmhouse Inc.

Rotoscoping, keying & tracking can be time intensive, add costs & choke your pipeline. Working remotely with a team can compound these problems – but not necessarily. The process can also be quick, efficient and economical. It can in fact be so easy it feels like you are not doing it all, because you’re not, Boundary VFX is…lucky you
Cameron Baxter, Core Studio

We have worked with Boundary VFX on a number of high profile projects. We have used their amazing plate prep team for a few years now on Commercial and TV projects. The skill and tireless efforts by the Boundary team give me as a VFX Supervisor the confidence to take on complicated work and they are always available to give advice and support. Boundary really are an extension to our VFX department at Envy.
Marcus Dryden – Head of VFX, Envy Post

After discovering the Boundary VFX advantage our ever-growing list of partners are realising that temporary staffing, scheduling issues, training freelancers, or dealing with risky, unproven outsource providers does not have to be the only way.

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